In the early spring of 1985, Cherokeet, Dan Burns prized race mare, delivered a black filly.

Less than a month later, tragedy struck with the sudden passing of Cherokeet.  The young, black filly, just weeks old, required a bottle-feeding every three hours.  Dan, along with his two young grandchildren, Braydan and Destiny, made a ritual of feeding and playing with the beautiful filly.

Destiny became Grandpa Dugan’s shadow, always carrying her cabbage patch doll named Luna; Luna would sit on the haystack while the feedings took place.

Grandpa decided to name the black filly, Luna, after Destiny’s cabbage patch doll. Luna had her second birthday, unfortunately, without her owner.  Dan died after a short, two-month battle with cancer.  Scott Shaw, son-in-law, became the keeper of the Burns horses, Luna included.

Luna, an orphan, was smaller than the other racehorses her age, but she still knew she was meant to run.  Her flat track racing career was short but her barrel racing career would last two decades.

Grandpa Wayland Shaw broke Luna for the kids to ride. It did not take long before Braydan and Destiny were riding and competing in 4-H shows, winning trophies in both showing and speed classes.

Destiny became the great rider she is today on the back Luna, the black horse.  Soon Destiny was winning buckles, saddles, and money riding the beautiful, feisty, black filly.

Tegan, the youngest of Scott and Danna’s, started riding Luna at the young age of seven. Tegan also won many prizes, saddles, and money.

Luna loved competing and taking care of young riders; her youngest rider was her last rider.  Rylan Dan Crane, named after his Grandpa Dan, was just two years-old when he started riding Luna.  By the time Rylan turned four, Luna was in her twenties.  At her last horse show, Rylan and Luna won three out of the four classes they entered.  A few weeks later she lay down and never got back up.  Luna left this earthly existence cherished by four generations of Burns family connections.

Never underestimate the value of a good horse; the lifelong memories of adventure and joy are treasures to those who own and love them.

Luna the Burns black mascot horse, is a symbol of the “Spirit of the West” exploding with freedom, wonderment, and endless opportunity.

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