Essential Boot Care

Leather Conditioner

Burns recommends Bick 4 as a leather conditioner, available at all Burns locations. This conditioner can be used on any leather (flat leather to exotic) and any color of leather with the exception of suede and shell cordovan.  This leather conditioner will not change the color of your boots. It is a silicone base, not an oil base, keeping the integrity of the original color of the leather.

Conditioner Application

Squeeze conditioner (about a quarter size) onto your hand and rub all over each boot separately. You can never over apply the conditioner. Apply conditioner about once a month, or whenever you think your boots need extra conditioning.

Suede Leather Boots

A suede leather, (suede goat, calf, hippo, or elephant) SHOULD NOT be conditioned. To revive your boots simply use a suede brush and go against the grain of the leather to raise the nap.

Shell Cordovan Boots

Only clean these boots with a damp soft cloth. When finished with the damp cloth, buff with a dry soft cloth. That is the only “conditioning” needed.

If you have any question regarding your new boots please feel free to call Burns Customer Service at 800-453-1281.  Due to our special components and unique last, any work performed on your boots other than by Burns’ authorized craftsmen will render the warranty null and void.

2 responses to Essential Boot Care

  1. Lori Kiko says:

    I purchased a pair of Lucchese boots in Vegas 10/22/15. The gentleman said I could send them back for repair and cleaning. I want to do that…. Where do I ship them and how does this process work?


    • burns1876 says:

      Hi Lori,

      First, we apologize for not responding to your comment earlier. We have made some changes within our marketing department, shifting responsibilities around, and this got missed. So sorry!

      Second, thank you for purchasing Lucchese boots in Vegas from us. I assume you were at the PBR Finals at the South Point, such a fun event.

      Third, I did some investigating and Randi has informed me that your refurbished boots were shipped to you on October 25. I hope you are as shocked as I was the first time I had a pair of boots refurbished. They looked brand new! Remember your boot will probably be a little snug the first few times you wear them, the leather has to mold to your foot again.

      Lastly, thank you for your support of our family business. We greatly appreciate all of our customers. And hopefully you are at the PBR right now. If so, stop by and see Braydan and Jake. They have some beautiful Sunset Trails belts and buckles.

      My Best,
      Misty Shaw
      Wife of 6th generation owner. 🙂


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