E-I-O = Success

Being 5th Generation Owner of a company my Great-Great Grandfather started in 1876 puts a sense of additional pressure in one’s mind….making sure the 141 year family business legacy continues.  My life, like everyone’s has experienced wonderful highs and devastating lows. There are certainly no new emoticons; we all get to experience them all.

One of my lucky obsessions is personal development. I truly love studying, learning and delving into what creates success.  Why are some people extremely successful while others barely get by?  How do we write and direct the best life book possible?

I’ve come to believe in the simple acronym E-I-O, Energy-Intelligence-Overcoming.  Most successful people have these three basic components in common, and though they cost nothing, they are crucial drivers for a successful life.

E stands for the single most important substance in the world…energy!  Nothing works without energy. Nothing exists without energy.  We are energy beings with very little physical involved. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions resonate at different energy levels.  We are constantly emitting a frequency of energy, fast or slow, high or low.  When we walk into a room our energy affects the inner space. We either raise the frequency or lower the frequency based on our mental state.

We are human transmitters of vibrational fluctuations, all based on how we orchestrate our thoughts, feelings and emotions. You cannot be thinking happy thoughts and be sad. Our thoughts are creating these energetic feelings; we control those energies through our thoughts!

Energy influences and aligns to other energies. The old cliché misery loves company is truth. However, we have great energetic influence for positive vibrational outcomes. Certainty we influence each other; proof is, the person who is the most certain will always influence the crowd.

We are always resonating.  We can observe our energy frequency levels and adjust as needed. We don’t get energy, we give it. The more we give, the more we get!

I stands for intelligence. Intelligence comes in two forms, IQ and EQ, both very important.  Emotional intelligence is perhaps the most important though. Managing ones emotions by listening and not taking things personal is a springboard to success!

What we are seeking is seeking us.  If we are not seeking knowledge, it will certainly elude us. With unlimited access to information, there are no excuses for having a lack of knowledge. However, discerning truth from false in our information overloaded society can be difficult.

The Zen proverb states, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” No truer words could be spoken! The minute we put our attention on something, it starts to show up in our life…as blessings or lessons.  Taking radical responsibility in understanding that we are responsible for how our life unfolds, that each of us is in charge of our own intelligence through seeking and managing our emotions becomes the blessing or lesson.  Taking responsibility and not becoming a victim are crucial components to a successful life.  We certainly influence our outcomes based on how well we manage our IQ and EQ!

O stands for overcoming, overcoming objections that is.  Successful folks seem to find ways to overcome objections and obstacles that show up unannounced.  Knowing that speed bumps will show up along the way and maneuvering through them quickly allows us to get back to rolling at full speed.  The successful are also quick on their feet.  They don’t overthink the obstacle, they think only of overcoming it and moving past the temporary objection learning from the resolution.  Our lives are filled with challenges.  Choosing the results we want usually requires giving someone else what they want.

We are a tribe of beings, all seeking a better life and when we help others the remarkable Universe delivers in kind. The golden rule is truly a gold mine when practiced!

This is my reminder to you, a simple acronym for a successful life, E-I-O.

With Gratitude,

Danna Burns-Shaw

5th Generation Owner

P.S.  I only teach and share what I need to learn. 🙂


1 response to E-I-O = Success

  1. Tom D. Walahoski says:

    Dana, just wanted to let you know I stopped in Salina last thur. and I was amazed at what the store has to offer. A Gal by the name of Ashley took me all around and showed me the works! I was there for almost 2 hours. I have a saddle Shop in Henderson CO and deal in Race horse and Trick Riding saddles, as well as extensive knowledge in the tools and machines involved in the leather trades. What an experience it was for me to see the operation. I want to Thank them so much!


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