Saddle Up with Man’s Best Friend

Photo by Lisa Johnson from Pixabay

While we may have missed National Dog Month in August, there’s still time to celebrate this month during it’s condensed, but equally important, National Dog Week which runs annually, the last week of September. This year, it’s September 20 through September 27 and focuses on raising awareness about dog care and helping lost, homeless and abused dogs find good homes. So, if you’re thinking about finding a riding companion, this would be a great time to do it. Here’s a list of a few hounds that would really enjoy hitting the trail with you and your horse.

Equine Helper, an online horse website, shares that these five top the list for getting along with you and your horses:

  1. Golden Retriever: These dogs are intelligent and gentle and they love a good trail ride. They’re medium-sized and not too rambunctious in the barn so that’s good for horses and people alike. Some do have health issues such as hip dysplasia, so make sure you get that evaluated prior to choosing this dog as your riding companion.
  2. Welsh Corgi: Athletic and strong best describes the corgi. They’re lively and love to herd and also tend to be loving, but not too needy, so no need to focus all your attention on them. In fact, they’d prefer it if you didn’t.
  3. Jack Russell Terrier: Don’t let their small size throw you. These dogs are full of “vim and vigor” as my grandmother used to say. They’re highly intelligent and agile enough to keep you company on the trail and in the stable.
  4. Australian Shepherd: While the name may give you images of Australia’s outback, these dogs are a quintessential American breed, developed in Western states like California, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho to tend to the large flocks of grazing sheep. They have tons of energy and will make sure you keep moving along during your ride.
  5. Border Collie: These pups are all about focus. They’re not only smart and listen well, they’re also fierce protectors, so when you’re not out exploring, they’ll be a great asset to you at home or around the barn. They’re also reliable and easy to train and crave physical and mental stimulation. They’re sure to give you a run for the money.

Keep in mind, these are just some suggestions. There are many amazing breeds and mixes out there that are just ready to play! Do your research. Visit some shelters and rescue centers and you’re sure to find that special hound that will melt your heart and make your horse smile too. Ready to saddle up? Check out some of these beautiful trail saddles. You and your horse will be riding in style in no time with your faithful four-legged friend by your side. Now, that’s something to bark about. Woof!

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