How to Care for Your Favorite Burns Hat

Whether you’re lucky enough to already own a custom Burns’ hat or are considering buying one, we’ve assembled some tips for how to care for this heirloom product, so you’ll get years of enjoyment to come. Braydan Shaw, 6th generation owner, Burns 1876, shares his expertise here:

What’s the best way to clean your Burns custom hat?

First, it’s a good idea to brush off any dust with a fine horse hair brush or hat sponge. For more stubborn debris or mud, use a fine grit sand paper (600 grit) and gently sand the area until it comes off. For hats that are darker in color, use a foam-type cleaner and spray the hat. Brush immediately. This will pull the fine dust out of its fibers. For lighter-colored hats, use a powder-based cleaner spray and let set until dry; brush to pull out any fine dust. You can also bring your hat to us for a quick touch-up and reshape. This free service is included for the hat’s life. Nice!

What’s the best way to store it? 

Preserving the integrity of the hat’s shape is key. You can keep it stashed away in the box it came in; just make sure to cover it with the plastic provided at purchase. This will ensure no scratches get on it when removing it from the box. You can also store it on a shelf, upside down, so the arched profile remains intact and that your luck stays inside. 😉 Never set your hat crown up because this will cause the brim to curl. If you hang your hat on a wall-mounted hat rack, make sure the post you hang it on sticks out of the wall far enough so there’s no pressure on the brim while it’s on the hook.

Are there any definite don’ts when caring for the hat?

  1. Never use a cleaner without testing it first. Choose a small section of the hat’s underside near the brim and toward the back to ensure the color stays the same.
  2. Don’t submerge your hat in water to wash it. This will damage its leather sweatband and likely cause it to shrink, rendering it unwearable.
  3. Don’t try to trim your brim. Bring it to us and one of our professionals will do it for you.

How long will a custom Burns hat last if cared for properly? 

I still have my grandfather’s hats! A nice felt hat can last generations and displays a cowboy’s hard-working journey. Many cowboys replace their work-hat once a year, but it’s common for them to keep a dress hat for special occasions. 

What’s one of your most popular custom hat designs?

The Cattleman. It’s got a shovel brim and became very popular after we built this hat for Kevin Costner’s character John Dutton for the hit TV show – “Yellowstone.” The Low Gus shape is also hot. This is the hat worn by Kelly Reilly’s character Beth Dutton.  

Can people design their own?

We handcraft our hat blanks in Salina, Utah and then bring the raw, unshaped blanks to one of our retail outlets or trunks shows. Customers work with a Burns hat expert who helps them to pick a color, shape and size. Everyone has their own style and we ensure comfort and are pretty sure, you’ll love to wear it all the time. We’ve got a hat for every head!

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