Why is Service Important?

For most, service provides a sense of purpose and pride. It can also teach people lessons that they may not otherwise learn. For example, service helps followers to be leaders; it fosters compassion and selflessness; and provides people with the ability to better understand the needs of others, among many other benefits.

So, it’s likely no coincidence that here at Burns our number one core value is “We are service oriented.” Burns takes its service seriously and does its best to serve their customers and each other. Their genuine service has equally created authentic and unique relationships among its client base and team members because it works to ensure a fun, happy and helpful environment at every turn. And, it’s this type of atmosphere that makes people want to pitch in and help when they can.

“On a snow day, it’s not uncommon to see five or six of our saddle makers with snow shovels in hand clearing driveways and sidewalks for people in need,” Braydan Shaw, Burns’ president shares.

Other team members work to make sure clients get what they need when they need it. And if that means working after hours and heading over to the UPS depot drop so a client can wear a new hat or pair of boots to a special event, then that’s exactly what will happen.

“We’re always looking out for each other – whether it’s clients or workers,” Shaw says.

He recalls a night when his truck broke down on what he considers to be one of the loneliest highways in America. He was on his way to Reno, Nevada and made a call to his head of production who didn’t hesitate to jump into action. He got his trailer and hooked Shaw up, saving him from driving into the early hours of the morning. 

Shaw says there have really been countless times when Burns team members have gone out of their way to hand deliver packages or open the store after hours or in early mornings to serve a client whose schedule didn’t line up with normal business hours. 

“Our VP of outside sales shows up early and stays late, whether it’s pouring rain or a 100+ degree day, to offer free saddle fittings to people who are interested in attending equine events all over the country,” Shaw says. “She takes time with everyone and it doesn’t even matter if they’re purchasing an item. She is free with her advice and tips to help them and their horse to perform better.”

Service. It’s what drives Burns to be better and motivates the team to help each other. That’s why it will always remain its #1 core value. It’s all about making a difference in people’s lives.

“Let us serve you and we’ll show you just what we mean,” Shaw says.

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