A Burns 2021 Recap to Inspire 2022

Now that we’ve had a chance to get used to 2022, we’ve decided to reflect on how things went in 2021 and to think about what we’ve learned, what we’ve accomplished and how we can continue to grow and strengthen. So, let’s go. Here are some of our most notable challenges and accomplishments too:

Top Challenges

Have you heard of a little virus called COVID? We thought so. And when it comes to the havoc this global pandemic wreaked on our personal and professional lives, Burns was certainly not immune. There were supply chain issues that interrupted delivery of items such as leather, fur hat bodies and assorted hardware.

“Almost all the materials we use are domestically grown or produced, but shipping restraints and labor shortages plagued many of our suppliers,” says Braydan Shaw, Burns’ 6th-generation-owner.

There were also waves of sickness to combat that moved throughout the shop which led to slowed periodic production and overall business disruption.

The good news is that despite these constraints, Burns is excited to report that they had one of their best years in history and exceeded all of their targets in every category.

Celebrating Successes

It’s retail shop in Park City, UT did nearly twice as many sales in 2021 compared to any other year in the past. Burns also produced and sold more saddles than any other time in the company’s history and they transitioned out of their Carmel, CA location just before restrictive laws when into effect that would have greatly impacted and limited their product line. The sale of this location was bittersweet, but the new owner, Bella Cose, will continue to carry Burns’ products, just like they do in their Jackson Hole, Wyoming locations.

Other Notable Facts

  • Burns purchased and moved into a new 30,000 square foot boot and saddle production facility. 
  • They added 20 new team members to the Burns Family.
  • They added 10 new leadership positions.
  • Burns enjoyed a profitable summer in Jackson Hole with their partner, Bella Cose.
  • They produced their first leather industry trade show – the Pendleton Leather Show in Pendleton, Oregon.

So, while 2021 was not without some downs, we certainly had our share of ups and we attribute that to a cohesive team that sticks together through thick and thin.

“The Burns team really pulled together and strengthened their core values and finished 2021 happily exhausted and excited for an even better 2022,” Shaw says.

Go team!

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