A Few of Our Favorite Things

From custom saddles and boots to a hat for every head, Burns continues to excite its customers with unique products that showcase heirloom quality craftsmanship. 

Saddle Up

Most recently, Burns had some amazing barrel saddles come out of its shop with a whole bunch more in the works.

“We have customers all around the country and it’s so much fun to see their visions come to life,” Braydan Shaw, Burns’ president, says. “There’s almost nothing our saddle makers can’t handle and their finish work has really leveled up this year. They’re awesome and it’s equally fun and exciting to see how they continue to elevate their skills and progress in their craft.”

Burns saddles are built with premium leather and designed to last a lifetime. In fact, Burns is one of a seemingly small group of companies in America that actually builds handmade saddles with their hands.

“Our hands do the work when it comes to creating these saddles. Why is this important? It leads to longevity. If you want something that lasts a lifetime, go back to what your grandfather did, what your grandmother did. Be passionate about it,” says Wendy Winn, President of Outside Sales for Burns Saddlery. “At Burns, we’re passionate about building a great saddle.”

These saddles are made by cowboys for cowboys. So, let us show you what we’ve got, so you can show us what you’ve got.

These Boots are Made for … Anything

Much like the saddle shop, work is also heating up in the Burns’ boot shop. The quality of the work produced is outstanding. That’s likely why state senators and other special clients continue to turn to Burns for their custom boots. Many of these boots combine custom hand tooling and exotic leather. 

“We recently received a large shipment of fun and exotic leathers and I’m super stoked to see the new styles in the shop this spring,” Shaw says. “There are many new ostrich leather colors for spring and summer that customers are sure to love.”

From shorty and cowboy to western or custom styles, Burns has what it takes to get you steppin’. They’re built to last and designed for adventure. Where are you headed? We’d like to tag along.   

Turn Some Heads

Burns has been making custom cowboy hats for nearly 12 years, and has outfitted the likes of Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly in the hit TV series Yellowstone. What more do you need to know?

“Our team of hat experts steam, crease and shape the hats into a custom creation that tells the story of its wearer. No two hats are the same; it’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece in any wardrobe,” Shaw says.

Are you ready to find a hat that matches your personality? We can help. A Burns hat reflects its wearer. It’s a perfect combo of color, crown, brim and band. And having just the right hat, makes your step a little lighter, your confidence a little brighter and your style a whole lot mightier!

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