Earth Day 2022: 7 Ways to Show the Planet You Care

Earth Day is April 22 and there are lots of ways to give back to this big blue marble we call Earth. From planting a tree to picking up trash, small things can quickly add up to great outcomes.

  1. Step Up Your Landscape. There are many ways to make small changes right in your backyard – literally. Plant some shade trees to help naturally cool your house in the summer or to break it from the wind in colder months to help save on heating energy. Plant an organic vegetable or herb garden or create a rain barrel to collect water for your lawn. Perennial flower beds are also a fun way to welcome in the season.
  2. Shop Local. Shop Smart. While we all love the convenience Amazon offers, it’s true that it’s not the most earth-friendly way to shop. When you can, opt for more local shops. You’re not only supporting the planet, but you’re helping to contribute to the local economy too.
  3. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint. Do you have any idea how much your carbon footprint is? The carbon footprint calculator gives you insight about three areas: home energy, transportation and waste. If you’re curious, visit: Carbon Footprint Calculator.
  4. Volunteer. Research schedule volunteer activities in your town/city. Many non-profits and other organizations will host things like clean-up events and area plantings. So, get out there and get involved.
  5. Start a Kitchen Compost. This is a great way to use up all those kitchen scraps. Keep a bowl or bucket on the counter for easy composting, and then bring it outside to the compost pile every other day. You can donate it to local farms or use it to enrich your garden soil.
  6. Start Plogging. What? You’ve never heard of plogging? Well, neither had I 😉. It’s relatively easy to do. When you’re out for a walk or run, bring a trash bag and some gloves along and pick up any trash you find along the way.
  7. Use Earth-friendly Cleaning Products. This is a large and fast-growing market and a quick online search will turn up many choices in this category. And when you find the right mix of products, ditch the paper towels and grab some reusable microfiber cleaning cloths too.

Looking for more ways to take action or get involved? Visit:

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