What Does Responsibility Look Like to You?

Burns’ passion is to elevate life experiences through heirloom quality products and in order to execute their passion, they exemplify their core values in everything they do. One of their most important core values is, “We take responsibility.”

“It’s important for every member of the Burns’ team to take responsibility for their assignments, mistakes and actions,” Braydan Shaw, Burns’ president says. “By taking responsibility, we gain trust and can move forward faster.”

For Shaw, taking responsibility  has been a core value of his throughout his entire adult life. This value was instilled in him by a high school football coach.

“There was a time in a game when I was double teamed and it was really affecting the way I was doing my job on the field,” he says. “I came off the field with the excuse of being double teamed, and my coach let me know that I still had a job to do and the team counted on me to do it.”

Over the years that lesson has morphed into a saying that Shaw uses – one that was inspired by Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. It’s, “Circumstance doesn’t change responsibility.” 

This saying motivates Shaw to show up and always give his best, even if the conditions are less than favorable.  He knows that even if his day isn’t going as planned, he still has a responsibility to others to show up and do his best because they’re counting on him.

Why is corporate responsibility important?

Corporate responsibility or corporate social responsibility (CSR) statements are popping up on more and more business websites throughout the Web. It shows how businesses have a responsibility to the community, the environment, the economy and each other.

Burns’ staff seems to understand the importance of taking responsibility too. One staff member recently said, “I love being a member of the Burns’ team because all members know how to take responsibility. We take responsibility for our problems, and for the solutions to those problems. Because we own our issues and solutions there is no room left for spreading blame. It’s so much fun to set a massive team goal in a planning meeting and know that everyone on the team will take responsibility for their part and we will succeed.”

Here are just a few more reasons why corporate responsibility is important:

  1. It encourages customer loyalty.
  2. It gives businesses a competitive edge.
  3. It makes employees happier and more fulfilled.
  4. It attracts more employees.
  5. It makes the world a better place.

So, tell us about how you’ve recently taken responsibility. Was it in business? Personally? Let’s share some stories about the importance of responsibility and help to make the world a happier place.  

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