5 Reasons to Buy Handmade Cowboy Boots  

In a world of mass-produced goods, it’s easy to get caught up in buying products that have no soul. From assembly-required furniture that arrives to your doorstep in flat boxes to online subscriptions for just about anything from clothing and coffee to makeup and beer, life gets to feeling a little impersonal. That’s likely why handmade goods are on the rise. More and more, people are craving products with more authenticity. They’re looking for handmade as opposed to machine-made and cowboy boots are no exception.

Over the years, ShopTalk! Magazine has spotlighted many talented bootmakers from across the country. Among them are J and M Custom Boots, Tim Bishop, Harlick & Co., Charlie Dunn, Sarah Ford, Lisa Sorrell and many, many more. You can surf bootmaker stories by clicking the link at the end of this blog to learn more. In the meantime, here are five reasons to buy handmade cowboy boots versus machine-manufactured.

  1. They’ve got personality: You’re a unique individual so shouldn’t your boots be too? Of course. So, what do you want your boots to say about you? Are you creative? Do you love the outdoors? Are you rugged or romantic? A handmade boot delivers the message with every step.
  2. They’re quality crafted and durable. Are you tired of stuff falling apart? Handmade boots say that you’re all about investing in something that’s built to last. They’re made from real leather. Some popular leathers are canela goat leather, luxurious alligator leather, and distinctively bold full-quill ostrich leather. Handmade boots are hand cut, hand sewn and will last a lifetime.
  3. They show you support the art of boot making. When you buy handmade boots, you’re supporting small business and the entrepreneurial spirit. You’re contributing to creating a quality marketplace. Small businesses such as handmade boot making businesses also present new employment opportunities for local craftsmen.
  4. They’re the best value. At first glance, handmade boots are often more money than machine made, but there’s a reason. They last longer. So, when you think about how long you’ll have them versus the initial cost, you’re likely to come out ahead of the game and keep more dollars in your pocket when you opt for a handmade pair. They’re all about long-term savings.
  5. They come with top-notch customer service. When you buy a pair of mass-produced boots, you can forget about getting any kind of real customer service. However, when you buy a pair of handmade boots, you matter. Why? These smaller companies have fewer customers and prefer to keep in close contact with their customers. They want you to recommend them and hope to keep you as a customer for a lifetime. The bigger brands don’t really care and if a problem arises you’ll be left high and dry (and, maybe a little wet too.)

Check out this archive of articles in Shop Talk! Magazine about some amazing bootmakers who are working to ensure your boots have soul.  

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