Built to Compete: Burns’ Saddles for the WIN!

All riders and their horses can and will benefit from a correctly-fitted saddle. A saddle needs to evenly distribute a rider’s weight on the back of the horse so the rider’s center of gravity matches the horse’s center. Burns’ saddle designs were crafted and thought of by horseman and horsewomen who are or have been at the top of the game in the equine world for generations. Each one of them spends time as professionals fitting horses across the country, having a hands-on approach to seeing horses, riders and saddles. And when it comes down to winning an event or placing in a competition, it can easily come down to a hundredth of a second.

“A Burns saddle can make the difference between winning and losing,” Wendy Winn, president of outside sales for Burns Saddlery says. “You can ride confidently to the pay window knowing the competitive edge of your saddle has helped you to arrive.”

These heirloom quality saddles deliver fit, function and quality. And they’re pretty to look at too. They’re handcrafted in the spirit of the west from superior leather and their detailed designs make them stand out from the rest.   

“At Burns, we pride ourselves on generations of handshakes,” Winn says. “We have leading relationships with great tree makers, leather companies and artisans.”

Horses benefit too

When used and fitted correctly, the challenger skirt design in their barrel saddles has been proven to aid in the function of an equine’s back to improve the muscle function. In fact, over the past 10 years, Burns has designed and crafted its trees to fit a wide variety of horses, over 98 percent.

Saddle makers are primarily known for focusing on cosmetic appeal and an eye for esthetics,” Winn says. “Our saddles give riders and horses the best of both worlds.”

And, they’re not only built to perform for the rider and the horse, they’re built to last so they can be passed down through generations as a family heirloom. There’s even a lifetime warranty on the tree workmanship along with a guaranteed fit. 

As a tree designer, Winn knows that the tree enhances the horse’s natural ability to collect, work and perform. She also understands how these saddles affect the horse’s muscles and how the leather performs.  

“As a competitor, the saddle has a great gravitational pull to keep you balanced and allows the slightest body movements to help signal your horse to slow down without the reins,” she says. “This gives any rider the best shot at winning.”

Winn has one Burns saddle of her own, but she’s ridden in hundreds of others to test their design or to break them in before a rep gets them. This has allowed her to understand the function of the seat, as needed, to each different style – from a performance horse to a ranch horse.

“Each saddle has uniformly been consistently the same and has functioned at a high-quality level,” she says. “They wear very well, break in excellently and last a lifetime.”

At Winn’s home, they’re trainers and competitors. Twenty years ago, Winn made it her mission to best figure out trees and saddles so her family could perform at their best. Each of her children were also gifted one when graduating from high school or college.

“ A Burns’ saddle is not just uniquely different, but a proven tool you need to win,” she says. “Going with the horse, not just aboard the horse, is an elevated experience and when you win it’s because you’ve formed a partnership.”

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