Your Gift Guide for Her

Looking for something for that special lady in your life? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for that perfect pick for mom, your sister, or a friend. No matter the lady on your list, we’ve got some gift ideas that are sure to please her. Here are just a few to get you started on your way:

The Montie Montana hatband: Montie Montana was a rodeo trick rider and trick roper, actor, stuntman and cowboy inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. He had more than 60 appearances in the Tournament of Roses Parade waving to the crowd from his silver saddle wearing his Sunset Trails buckles and hat band. Other Hollywood legends who wore this band were John Wayne, Gene Autry and Hank Williams. So, you may be asking, which famous women donned these hatbands? Cher tops the list! So, let’s give it up for the ladies and give them a little jewelry for their hat this year. They’re sure to make a statement. Cher sure did!

Handmade Goatskin Boots: If there’s a cowgirl in your life, then you’re in luck. A pair of handmade goatskin boots are sure to win her heart. Goatskin boots achieve that delicate balance between a luxury leather and an inexpensive, yet durable, leather. It’s a soft leather that’s cool and breathable and softens over time.

Jewelry: Face it. You can rarely go wrong with a stunning necklace or other piece of jewelry that makes a statement. Our collection has a wide variety of choices that will delight and dazzle. From silver and leather to turquoise, our beautifully handcrafted accessories are sure to turn heads.

Custom-made Hats: As the old cowboy (or cowgirl) saying goes, “It’s the last thing you take off, and the first thing that’s noticed.” There’s just something sexy about it. All of our custom cowboy hats are handmade in Salina, Utah and our most popular hat is one that was made famous by Kelly Reilly in her iconic role as Beth Dutton in the hit television series “Yellowstone.” This custom hat wears well on just about anyone and you can dress it up or down. We have many others too.

So, not matter what your budget, you’re sure to find something that will make that special woman in your life giddy up with glee and put a little pep in her two-step.

Happy shopping and happy holidays. And don’t worry, we’ve got some ideas for the gentlemen out there too. We’ll have more on that in our next blog, so make sure you check back in with us soon.

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