Sundance Film Fest: 6 Tips For an A+ Experience

Image by Travis Wise –, CC BY 2.0,

  1. Be flexible. Face it, you likely won’t get to see all the films you want so have a plan B. Maybe there’s a film that wasn’t on your wish list that turns out to be a real winner. Keep your mind open for the best experience possible. You can also watch the films online if you prefer to skip the crowds.
  2. Enjoy Main Street. Park City has an historic and charming main street that just beckons its visitors to eat and shop. This website Historic Park City provides a good overview of all the great places to visit.
  3. Dress like a star – with a mountain twist. It gets pretty chilly in these parts. So, why not channel your inner mountain man or woman and pick up some new threads for the occasion? How about a stylish cowboy hat that will make you the envy of your friends back home? Or, treat yourself to a pair of handmade cowboy boots? Burns 1876 is just the place to find such treasures and they’re also a bit of a star on their own right. They’ve provided a number of accessories for the beloved series – “Yellowstone.” Stop in and ask them to tell you more. They’ve earned their bragging rights!
  4. Take a ski break. When your eyes grow weary, hit the slopes for a little film reset. There’s a ski lift right on Main Street that makes accessing the slopes an “Easy Rider.” Sorry – we couldn’t resist the little fun pun. There are many ski rental shops and boutiques that can help you gear up.
  5. Coffee, tea or cocoa? Yes, please. Stay warm from the inside out. Main Street has some terrific coffee and tea houses where you can get warm and cozy. So, grab your favorite hot beverage and maybe a little sweet treat before you head to that next film queue.
  6. When all else fails – get out of dodge. If you just want to get away from it all – now’s the time to take that little getaway you’ve been hankering for. And what better place to escape than the town of “Sundance.” It’s less than an hour’s drive from Park City. So, go ahead, enjoy a little spa time, skiing or indulge in a delicious meal – without the crowds.

Park City – get ready! It’s no secret that the Sundance Film Festival has turned into a world-wide destination. So, whether you’re a local looking to survive the madness or an out-of-towner who wants to see it all, we’ve got some ideas for all of you.

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