E-I-O = Success

Being 5th Generation Owner of a company my Great-Great Grandfather started in 1876 puts a sense of additional pressure in one’s mind….making sure the 141 year family business legacy continues.  My life, like everyone’s has experienced wonderful highs and devastating lows. There are certainly no new emoticons; we all get to experience them all. One of my lucky obsessions is personal development. I truly love studying, learning and delving into what creates success.  Why are some people extremely successful whileRead more

Name that Luxury Leather

Have you ever strolled down that iconic street in your favorite little town, peering through the shop windows and wondered, “What kind of leather is that?”  For 140 years the Burns family has had their hands in leather.  First generation owner and founder, Miles Lamonie Burns made his dream of owning his own leather harness repair shop a reality and each generation since has become fine leather craftsmen.  Today Burns artisans hand make boots, belts, handbags, wallets, and our latestRead more

Cowboy Poetry is Alive & Well in the Heber Valley

In the fall of 1994, Tom Whitaker was driving in his pickup truck across Midway Lane when he stopped to chat with friends Ben Quinters and Kim Cutler, who were working some colts in the field alongside the country road.  As conversation commenced, all three cowboys admitted to having a few Cowboy Poems up their sleeve.  Tom suggested that they pool their talent, invite a few other local musicians and poets and have a “Cowboy Poetry Gathering.”  The three menRead more

Elements of a Great Western

For nearly a century American cinema has provided our great nation with top-notch entertainment.  Among the many genres of cinema is the Western where pistol wielding cowboys battle a variety of enemies in harsh, desolate landscapes.  Since Burns embodies everything cowboy and with the recent release of Antoine Fuqua’s The Magnificent Seven, a modern re-make of the original 1960 film, we have been contemplating; what makes for a great Western?  Below is our list of requirements. Setting It goes withoutRead more

Hat Etiquette

The cowboy hat is an item of apparel that can be worn in any corner of the world, and receive immediate recognition as part of North American cowboy culture. At Burns we love our hats!  They embody our personalities and are a symbol of who we are as individuals. If you are looking to be a hat connoisseur you have to be educated in hat etiquette.  Check out our list of tips below and you’ll be well on your wayRead more