What Does Responsibility Look Like to You?

Burns’ passion is to elevate life experiences through heirloom quality products and in order to execute their passion, they exemplify their core values in everything they do. One of their most important core values is, “We take responsibility.” “It’s important for every member of the Burns’ team to take responsibility for their assignments, mistakes and actions,” Braydan Shaw, Burns’ president says. “By taking responsibility, we gain trust and can move forward faster.” For Shaw, taking responsibility  has been a coreRead more

Preserving Pioneer Heritage and Cowboy Culture

Image by stacybosel0 from Pixabay As Bob Dylan once sang, “the times they are a changin’” and they’re changing pretty quickly at that. That’s why it’s important to take a good look around every once in a while. Look up from your phone. Step away from the laptop. Take a breath. Progress isn’t always about going forward. Quite often, it requires a visit to the past. People and places that work to preserve the pioneer heritage and cowboy culture areRead more